Fall 2017

AIM: Students were tasked with writing a Press Release of 500 words or less for one of the following research articles. These Press Releases are intended to convey the major findings of each article in an exciting and scientifically accurate way that would be both catchy and accessible to a general audience. We encourage comments and support at the end of each Press Release in the Comment box.


Psychostimulant Effect of Dopaminergic Treatment
and Addictions in Parkinson’s Disease

Original research article for the Press Release: Delpont, et al 2017

Press Releases:

– Does Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease Do More Harm than Good? – Phoebe Howe

Risk-preferring rats make worse decisions and show increased incubation of craving after cocaine self-administration

Original research article for the Press Release: Ferland & Winstanley 2016

Press Releases:

– Gambling with Addiction: Can Risky Behavior Predict Relapse? – Liam Thompson

No Risk, No Reward Attitude Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be – Rachelle Flowers

Genetic background and epigenetic modifications in the core of the nucleus accumbens predict addiction-like behavior in a rat model

Original research article for the Press Release: Flagel, et al 2017

Press Releases:

Genetics: The New Culprit in Addiction – Octavio Rodriguez

– The Reason Some of Us Have “Addictive Personalities” – Tedra James

Cannabis use is quantitatively associated with nucleus accumbens and amygdala abnormalities in young adult recreational users

Original research article for the Press Release: Gilman, et al 2014

Press Releases:

Mary Jane’s “Blunt” Effect on the Noggin – Arline Pierre-Louis

It’s High Time We Learn About Weed – Colleen O’Neill

Is A Friend With Weed Really a Friend Indeed? – Gina Mangiafridda

Don’t Pass on the Weed, Bro – Helen Karimi

Hitting the Bong? Your Brain May Take a Hit – Madeleine Strait

Neurological Effects of the “High” Life – Stephen Ferruolo

Predicting subsequent relapse by drug-related cue-induced brain activation in heroin addiction: an event-related functional magnetic resonance imaging study

Original research article for the Press Release: Li, et al 2015

Press Releases:

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Avoid Heroin Relapse – Ally Branman

Hardly a Piece of Cake: Developing Better Treatments for Heroin Addiction – Lila Levinson

Transcranial magnetic stimulation of dorsolateral prefrontal cortex reduces cocaine use: A pilot study

Original article for the Press Release: Terraneo, et al 2016

Press Releases:

How to Crack Your Cocaine Addiction – Shani Erdman

Drawing a Line: A Potential Cure for Cocaine Addiction – Vaishvi Jhaveri


The role of mesolimbic reward neurocircuitry in prevention and rescue of the activity-based anorexia (ABA) phenotype in rats

Long-lasting deficits in hedonic and nucleus accumbens reactivity to sweet rewards by sugar overconsumption during adolescence

Original research article for the Press Release: Naneix, Darlot, Coutureau, & Cador 2017

Press Releases:

– Have We Ruined Chocolate Cake for Ourselves? – Brittany Gilmore

The Little Mouse that Couldn’t – Daniel Nguyen

– Sugar: They Weren’t Lying When They Said It’ll Catch Up to Us – Elizabeth Young

– Bitter Sweet: The Effects of Excess Sugar in Adolescence – Ellis Richmond

Cookies over Cocain: The Dangers of Sugar – Nebiyu Daniel

Food addiction among sexual minorities

Original research article for the Press Release: Rainey, Furman, & Gearhardt 2017

Press Releases:

Food Addiction in the LGBTQ Community – Clara Babbott-Ward

The Not So Minor Pathologies Plaguing Sexual Minorities – Hannah Einstein

– Addictive Eating – A Not So Straightforward Issue – Sara Bakalchuk

Heterogeneity in brain reactivity to pleasant and food cues: evidence of sign-tracking in humans

Original research article for the Press Release: Versace, Kypriotakis, Basen-Engquist, & Schembre 2015

Are We Wired to Be Obese? – Justin Ali


Can pornography be addictive? An fMRI study of men seeking treatment for problematic pornography use

Original research article for the Press Release: Gola, et al 2017

Press Releases:

The Pull Towards Porn – Molly Byrne

Porn: Take It Seriously, Guys… – Catherine Lewis

– Do You Like Porn or Want It? The Difference Could Be Life Changing – Dasha Dubinsky

– Actual Porn Problems: Could Seeking Erotic Pictures Be Addictive? – Elizaveta Kravchenko

– Are You Addicted to Pornography? – Jacob Snyder

– Too Much Porn?! Problematic Pornography Use as a Form of Addiction – Jade Ransohoff

– Get a Grip on Life: Is Porn Addiction Real? – Rebecca Shteyn

Altered appetitive conditioning and neural connectivity in subjects with compulsive sexual behavior

Original research article for the Press Release: Klucken, Wehrum-Osinsky, Schweckendiek, Kruse, & Stark 2016

Press Releases:

– America’s Covert Porn Problem: Why Some Can’t Stop Watching Porn – Alexandra Riedel



* Quotes are fictitious and were created as an artistic tool to provide depth and meaning to the Press Release.