Spring 2016

AIM: Students were tasked with writing a Press Release of 500 words or less for one of the following research articles. These Press Releases are intended to convey the major findings of each article in an exciting and scientifically accurate way that would be both catchy and accessible to a general audience. We encourage comments and support at the end of each Press Release in the Comment box.


Daily bingeing on sugar repeatedly releases dopamine in the accumbens shell

Behavioral and neural valuation of foods is driven by implicit knowledge of caloric content

Individual differences in cue-induced motivatoin and striatal systems in rats susceptible to diet-induced obesity


Modeling sensitization to stimulants in humans: An 11Craclopride/positron emission tomography study in healthy men

Evidence for addiction-like behavior in the rat

Amphetamine pretreatment accelerates the subsequent escalation of cocaine self-administration behavior



* Quotes are fictitious and were created as an artistic tool to provide depth and meaning to the Press Release.